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Pre-Columbian Newfoundland

The Beothuk of Newfoundland

The Introduction of Moose to Newfoundland

Newfoundland Money

Newfoundland Postage Stamps

The Telegraph Cable in Newfoundland

Garden Agriculture in Newfoundland

6 Newfoundland recipes

How large is Newfoundland?

Hiking in Western Newfoundland

The Vikings


Flora and Fauna

Newfoundland wood heating values

Some Bed and Breakfasts in Newfoundland

Southwestern Newfoundland geology

A poem by our first Governor (1628

Newfoundland's native orchids

SS Caribou survivors

SS Caribou victims

Two favourite Newfoundland songs

Newfoundland Arts

Southwestern Newfoundland trees

A country log ditty

Newfoundland Music Links


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Will The Circle Be Unbroken William McEwan (words 1907 by Ada Habershon, music by Charles H Gabriel). 4.1 megs. ~1912

Will The Circle Be Unbroken Reverend J.C. Burnett and His Quartet. 3.2 megs. 1928

Medley of Jigs and Reels Charles d'Almaine. 2.4 megs. 1907

From Heaven Above to Earth I Come (Vom Himmel Hoch) Martin Luther 
2.74 megs. German. 1918

The Foggy Dew: 1.9 megs. John McCormack and Spencer Clay - 1913

Irish Washerwoman: 2.9 megs. Don Richardson  - 1921

Macushla: 2.6 megs. John McCormack - 1911

My Wild Irish Rose/An Irishman's Heart to the Ladies: 2.6 megs. From 1951. Unknown artist.

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling:  John McCormack, the great Irish tenor - 1916.
3 minutes, ~ 2.8 megs

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling:  From 1951. Unknown artist. 2.4 megs.

Music in Newfoundland and Labrador - a fine overview, from prehistoric times to the present day.

Ryan's Fancy

Amber Music

Amber Music Free Downloads - free video, music, and picture downloads

Fred's Records Online - the place to order music online

Pamela Morgan - wonderful voice

Sons of Erin - homepage for this file

Great Big Sea

Lloyd Snow - fine traditionalist

Cantus Vocum Chamber Choir

O'Brien's Music Store

The Fables


Irish Music Central

Harry Hibbs - article in the Canadian Encyclopedia

The Irish Descendants

Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers

Shanties and Sea Songs

Ode to Newfoundland - National anthem of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Two Favourite Newfoundland Songs

Michael Parker - composer

Figgy Duff - 1974 - 1993

Emile Benoit - also check Amber Music above

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