Newfoundland - S.S. Caribou - survivor list

S. S. Caribou - names of 67 of the 102 persons who survived the sinking of the S.S. Caribou, October 14, 1942 near Port aux Basques, Newfoundland, as a result of enemy submarine action.

104 people survived the sinking, 2 of whom died enroute to Sydney, Nova Scotia aboard the HMCS Grandmere (James Cuthbert, Captain).

They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in deep waters see the works of the Lord and His wonders in the deep. Psalm 107:23

Crew Members

Alex Bateman (Steward, from Channel (Port aux Basques).

William Currie

Ernest Dominie

John Dominie

Thomas P. Fleming (only S.S. Caribou officer to survive the sinking).

Charles Ford Jr.

Martin Hickey

Harold Jeans (possibly Janes).

John Matthews

Cyril Melbourne

William Pearcey Jr.

William Pearcey Sr. (World War 1 Prisoner of War for 20 months).

Freeman Skeard

Earl Spencer

James Spencer

(15 total)

Royal Navy

Fred Abbott

Eric Andrews

Arthur Barry

Harvey Brown

Bob Clarke

Hedley Lake

Percy Moores

Max Piercy

Fred Samms

Kelvin Webb

Cyril White

(11 total) [26]

Title/Class generally unknown

Gerald Bastow

Nursing Sister Margaret Brookes (awarded the O.B.E. for her unsuccessful effort to save her friend Miss A. (Agnes) W. Wilkie).

John H. Barrett

Aloysius Bourque

Harry Brown

Bob Butt

Alfred Fielding

Ira Hickey

Roy McCabe

Lloyd McCauley

Lorne Monkley

Billie Morgan

Jack O'Brien

Ralph Rogers (Petty Officer, credited with saving Baby Leonard Shiers - see below).

W. B. Rouse (R.C.M.P. Corporal, returning to Newfoundland to be married).

George Smothers (U.S. Navy, cook, from Toledo, Ohio).

(Total 16) [42]


Uriah Bailey

Mrs. M. Barrett

Harold B. Beatty

John Danson

Mrs. Zoe Fielding

Leonard Gosse (from Grand Falls, teenager).

John Hatcher

Mrs. Media Hillier

William J. Lundrigan (founder of W. J. Lundrigan Ltd., later Lundrigans, Ltd., of Corner Brook).

Mrs. Clara (James T.) May (of Belloram, Newfoundland).

Herbert May

William Metcalf (possibly Metcalfe, from Glace Bay, Nova Scotia).

John Charles Moore (possibly Moores, Ticket Agent with the Newfoundland Railway, from St. John's).

Robert Newman

Miss E. Northcott

Howard H. Porter

Jerome J. Ryan

Mrs. Gladys Shiers

Leonard Shiers (son of Mrs. Glady Shiers and the only infant to survive the sinking).

Ivan Starks

William Strickland

Miss Vivian Swinamer

Nathan Walters

John J. Weisansal

Howard Yorke

(Total 25) [67] There were 35 other survivors, names not available (102).

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