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Norway Spruce (Picea abies) list and comments, with ID numbers:

Norway Spruce is a promising introduced species. It displays fast growth, good form in sheltered area, and little or no insect trouble.



NS001 first produced a cone in 2005. 

No cones produced in 2006.

4 developing cones noticed mid-June 2007. As of September 21, 2007, 3 cones have been recovered from the ground beneath NS001, strong winds having torn them from the tree.

No cones in 2008

Numerous cones in 2009

NS001 August 20, 2009 - note how NS001 has not recovered from a brutal storm in February 2008.

NS001 August 2008 - note the weakened state of NS001 from a February (2008) storm.

NS001 (photo 4) Late August 2007

NS001 (photo 3) Summer 2006

NS001 (photo 1) Late winter 2006

NS001 (photo 2) Late winter 2006

NS001 bark 2006 close up (note 25 cent piece for scale)

NS002 (near beaver dam):
measurements on September 23, 2006:

height approximately: 23.0 ft
circumference (BH): 9.5 inches (approximately 24.5 cm)

September 26, 2006: wrapped metal sheet around NS002 as protection against beavers. Note: beavers trapped by a trapper December 2006.

NS003 (near beaver dam), wrapped with galvanized metal sheet as protection against beavers late October 2006. Small tree. Metal sheet removed May 2007.

NS004 (near large beaver lodge), windfallen ~45 degrees, pictures taken October 2006.

NS005 (on hill by junction of main road and tractor road) first noted December 16, 2006, removed a competing white birch on December 16, 2006

NS006 (Plateau, on the left when facing south)

NS007 (Plateau, middle when facing south)

NS008 (Plateau, right when facing south)

NS009 (Plateau, west of above trio, top damaged by large birch. Birch was removed in 2006)

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