Newfoundland - S.S. Caribou - victims list
S.S. Caribou - names of 136 persons who lost their lives October 14, 1942 near Port aux Basques, Newfoundland as a result of enemy submarine action.

They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in deep waters see the works of the Lord and His wonders in the deep. Psalm 107:23

Crew Members

Captain Benjamin Taverner

Israel Barrett

Llewellyn Carter

Elias Coffin

James Hubert Coffin

Howard Cutler

Richard Feltham

Miss Bride Fitzpatrick

Charles Ford

Maxwell French

George Gale

Jerome Gale

Clarence Hann

Harry Hann (Chief Steward)

William Hogan

Charles Humphries

Victor Lomond

Thomas Moyst

Charley Pearcey

James Pike

James L. Prosper

Joseph Richards

William Samms

Israel Sheaves

John Skeard

Albert Strickland

Garfield Strickland

Harold Taverner

Stanley Taverner

Arthur Thomas

George Thomas

(31 total)

Army Personnel

C. R. Abelson, Pte. CDO

C. G. Cochrane, L/Sgt. RCA.

T. A. Currie, Cpl. PEI H.

P. Diamond, Pte, PEI H.

E. S. Francis, Cpl. PEI H.

L. A. MacIntyre, L/Bdr. RCA

J. C. B. McDonald, Sgt. PEI H.

H. R. Mills, Pte, Land W.

L. M. Sheppard, Cpl. PEI H.

A. A. Sullivan, Sgt. PEI H.

H. M. Tough, L/Sgt. Alg. Regt.

(11 total) [42]

Royal Navy and Royal Canadian Navy Personnel

E. Barrett, L/Sea. RN

Eli Maxwell Bishop, Sea. RN

C. Creston, Oiler REA

William A. Glasgow, RCNVR

A. Marshall, PO Cook RCN

G. N. May, SPO. RCNR

J. R. Masson, RCNVR

A. Nash, Sea. RN

W. C. Poole, AB. RN

E. R. Quinlan, Sea. RN

G. W. Randall, Shpt. RCNVR

N. Rowe, Sea. RN

R. J. Skinner, AB. RCNR

R. Smith, Sea. RN

J. Tapper, AB. RCNR

W. J. Vey, Sea. RN

Francis Warren, Sea. RN (updated January 5, 2011 - thanks to the contributor)

R. White, AB. RN

Miss A. W. Wilkie, NSRCN

J. W. H. Windsor, Sea. RN

(Total 20) [62]

Royal Air Force and Royal Canadian Air Force Personnel

J. H. Barrett, RCAF P. O.

R. Chatson, RCAF AC1

F. G. Coulson, RCAF AC1

T. H. Cummings, RCAF AC2

H. H. Elkin, RCAF Cpl.

D. C. Glover, RCAF AC2

W. P. Howse, RCAF Cpl.

A. W. Jones, RCAF LAC

L. E. Legge, RAF P. O.

C. M. McCaroon, RCAF LAC

D. L. Mitchell, RCAF LAC

M. N. Oiring, RCAF LAC

G. W. Parker, RCAF AC2

E. A. Thistle, RCAF AC2

L. William Truesdale, RCAF AC2

E. G. Walker, RCAF LAC

R. Watson, RCAF AC2

W. B. Wilson, RCAF AC2

(Total 18) [80]

U. S. Personnel

J. C. Abernathy, Major USA

E. T. Bothsa, Sea. 1st Class USN

J. M. Burns, CMM. USN

J. C. Elzer, Sea. 2nd Class USNR

E. Hand, 1st Lieut. USA

R. M. Penfield, C3rd. USA

E. G. Shultz, MM1C. USN

J. Waldman, PTR. USA

(Total 8) [88]


Mrs. Ada Allan

Caroline Allan

Constance Allan

Claus Bang

Baby Girl Bernard

Mrs. Harriet Bernard

Charles Berry

Mrs. Pearl Beswick

Robert Butler

Albert Coombs

Preston Cowley

Harold Chislett

William Carteret Freeham

Louise Gagne

Mrs. Katherine Gardner

William H. Garth

Myrtle Gilbert

Hugh B. Gillis (superintendent of mines for Cape Breton's Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation).

Gerald Hammond

Wilfred Hathaway

Mrs. Maggie Hedd

Miss Myrtle Kettle

Edgar Martin

Harold McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy

George Penham

George Pike

Mrs. Elizabeth Randell

John Ronan

Margaret Rose

William Ryan

John Sheppard

Mrs. Blanche Short

Basil Skinner

Mrs. Kathleen Skinner

Nancy Skinner

Mrs. Gertie Strickland

Holly Strickland

Myrtle Strickland

Nora Strickland

Donald Tapper

Mrs. Hazel Tapper

John W. Tapper

Lillian Tapper

Catherine Walsh

Patrick Walsh

Mrs. Helen Wightman

Mary Young

(Total 48) [136]

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