UBC Grads to End their Historic Hitchhiking Journey on a Budget of $150 in Newfoundland

Two young graduates from the University of B.C have come up with a special way of feasting Canada’s 150 years of Confederation. They plan to explore the country by hitchhiking on a budget of $150 each and will visit Newfoundland as a part of their journey.

The Story of Phil Roberge and Ori Nevares

Phil Roberge and Ori Nevares wanted to celebrate the occasion doing something different and special. They looked upon the Parks Canada free passes that are being issued for the whole year to mark the 150 years. The duo requested for grants to visit all the parks in the country and document the natural beauty. But they did not get any assistance or funds and there was very less support from friends and family.

Instead of being turned down by the situation, they came up with something different. When they could not work with nature, they turned to the people of Canada and embarked on their trip. They turned to hitchhiking and have survived so far depending on rides from other people. Nowadays there are many types of entertainment activities that people can enjoy: travelling, mountain hiking, and sightseeing and if you love playing games, you can easily amuse yourself using online casinos without troubling yourself to go to the gambling house.

Nevares and Roberge have also been compiling stories of the people with whom they had hitchhiked. All of the people that they came across turned out to be wonderful and they had some amazing experiences. They have shared the stories on their Facebook page and update it with videos to portray the progress of their adventure. All the stories and videos that they collect will be used to make a full-length documentary and maybe they will also develop a book on them.

The university grads started from Yellowknife for St. John’s in Newfoundland and is currently at Moncton, N.B. They have only used $9.99 from the $150 budget. Both of them are carrying supplies, food, and tents so that they can save up on expenses. Many people who had given them a ride also invited them for meals and gave them a place to sleep on many occasions. Their journey is breaking many misconceptions and apprehensions about hitchhiking that currently exist.

The unique journey is set to end at Signal Hill when the duo visits St. John’s. When asked if they are excited about the rest of the journey, Roberge replied that he was waiting to see the puffins in Newfoundland.

He had wanted to see the birds since his childhood and looking forward to clicking pictures and videos of the species. They also said that the best part of their trip was spending time on a lobster fishing boat in Baie-Sainte-Anne, N.B. It gave them a chance to get up and close with the life of the fishermen as they helped them out for around 11 hours on the boat. The day ended merrily with a meal of lobster and champagne, which can be considered a luxury on their budget!