Famous tourist attractions you can find in Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador is the eastern province of Canada. It was the 12th province which is confederated to Canada. The Newfoundland is the mainland area on which most of the population resides. It has inland water reserves as well as huge coastal lines which will allow the tourists to find spots for fun and adventure. On the other hand, the Labrador is the area which is mostly inaccessible and therefore the tourists focus on Newfoundland only. Most of the attractions are on Newfoundland. There are some attractions which are in Labrador and these are not renowned. The fishing is the most famous tourist attraction. Newfoundland and Labrador have some of the largest fishing banks of the world. These fishing banks are always occupied by the tourists.

1. Gros Morne National Park

Dense forest, large water reservoirs, and mountains are some of the trademarks of the subjected tourist attraction. In other words, you can see every color of nature here. It is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Newfoundland and Labrador. The mountains which are here are considered to be among the oldest ones on earth. The best part of the park is that there is no noise. So if you are fed up with your daily mumbo jumbothen this place is definitely for you. The Long Range Mountain area will definitely get you the peace you are looking for.

2. Fogo Island

It is one of the best fishing reserves which you can find in Canada. The village of Twillingate is the one which is famous for the fishing community which resides here. It is also amongst the oldest settlements in eastern Canada which settled in 1738. There are other attractions which can found here such as Long Point Lighthouse. It was built in 1889. It is still visited by hundreds of tourists each year. It is a relatively remote part of Canada so it is not recommended for families at all. The individual or group tours should be planned for enjoyment and entertainment. Recently a luxury hotel has been added to the place to increase its significance and to attract more tourists.

3. Castle Hill National Historic Site

It is located at the awesome point which is located near to highway 100. There is another route to this place. A ferry route from Nova Scotia can also be taken to reach the site. There the tourists can visit the Fort Royal which was built in 1693 by the French.  During wartime, it is regarded as one of the best and the most strategic place to defend the territory. The best part of the location is the calm and cool environment which it offers.

4. Terra Nova National Park

The coastline of the park is simply awesome and therefore it is highly recommended to the tourists for a relaxing tour. Kayaking and canoeing are common here and the tourists can also camp to maximize their pleasure. At a walking distance, there is Salvage which is the best fishing zone of the area for the tourists.

UBC Grads to End their Historic Hitchhiking Journey on a Budget of $150 in Newfoundland

Two young graduates from the University of B.C have come up with a special way of feasting Canada’s 150 years of Confederation. They plan to explore the country by hitchhiking on a budget of $150 each and will visit Newfoundland as a part of their journey.

The Story of Phil Roberge and Ori Nevares

Phil Roberge and Ori Nevares wanted to celebrate the occasion doing something different and special. They looked upon the Parks Canada free passes that are being issued for the whole year to mark the 150 years. The duo requested for grants to visit all the parks in the country and document the natural beauty. But they did not get any assistance or funds and there was very less support from friends and family.

Instead of being turned down by the situation, they came up with something different. When they could not work with nature, they turned to the people of Canada and embarked on their trip. They turned to hitchhiking and have survived so far depending on rides from other people. Nowadays there are many types of entertainment activities that people can enjoy: travelling, mountain hiking, and sightseeing and if you love playing games, you can easily amuse yourself using online casinos without troubling yourself to go to the gambling house.

Nevares and Roberge have also been compiling stories of the people with whom they had hitchhiked. All of the people that they came across turned out to be wonderful and they had some amazing experiences. They have shared the stories on their Facebook page and update it with videos to portray the progress of their adventure. All the stories and videos that they collect will be used to make a full-length documentary and maybe they will also develop a book on them.

The university grads started from Yellowknife for St. John’s in Newfoundland and is currently at Moncton, N.B. They have only used $9.99 from the $150 budget. Both of them are carrying supplies, food, and tents so that they can save up on expenses. Many people who had given them a ride also invited them for meals and gave them a place to sleep on many occasions. Their journey is breaking many misconceptions and apprehensions about hitchhiking that currently exist.

The unique journey is set to end at Signal Hill when the duo visits St. John’s. When asked if they are excited about the rest of the journey, Roberge replied that he was waiting to see the puffins in Newfoundland.

He had wanted to see the birds since his childhood and looking forward to clicking pictures and videos of the species. They also said that the best part of their trip was spending time on a lobster fishing boat in Baie-Sainte-Anne, N.B. It gave them a chance to get up and close with the life of the fishermen as they helped them out for around 11 hours on the boat. The day ended merrily with a meal of lobster and champagne, which can be considered a luxury on their budget!

Prime Minister Trudeau will Render Apology to Student Survivors of Newfoundland Residential Schools

Some form of relief is going to come to the survivors of Newfoundland residential schools later this year. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to apologize to the former students of Newfoundland and Labrador residential schools sometime in September. He will be traveling to Labrador for the apology though the exact dates are yet to be released.

The move is an attempt to put things on the right course after the Stephen Harper government excluded schools of the Atlantic province from an apology and compensation package back in 2008. The lawyers representing the 800 student survivors pressed that Ottawa should pay the same duty of care after Labrador and Newfoundland became a part of the Canadian Confederation in 1949.

The residential schools of the area had been a place where Aboriginal students were put in an attempt to rob their native identity. Children as young as five years old were repeatedly harassed and abused even for speaking their own language. Cindy Dwyer who was a student of North West River reveals that she faced physical, psychological and sexual abuse during her schooling there. She was made to feel just like another child without a self-identity which hampered the development of self-worth, self-value and self-esteem in her. She feels that the apology from Trudeau is going to ease the pain experienced by her.

Another survivor Toby Obed said that the apology will help to provide some peace to the tortured child inside him. It eases the pain of being left out of the 2008 apology and will help in his healing. The current apology also validates the suffering of the students of Newfoundland and Labrador for the first time. But not all the survivors are ready to want Trudeau’s apology. Steven Cooper, lawyer of many student survivors said that some feel that the apology comes as a forced move and is not going to change anything. Though Cooper revealed that it had value for the majority of the former students and the apology was more meaningful than any financial settlement.

The Liberal government under Trudeau has decided to offer a $50 million compensation package that goes to settle claims like sexual and physical abuse and loss of culture and language. For the 100 years that the schooling system existed, many students even died and were put in unmarked graves. The abuse and isolation inflicted on the students are the cause of a generation wide trauma and suffering of the native communities even in this age. The apology is not the final step in the process of justice but is a step towards the right direction. The settlement from the government saw an end to a ten-year long legal struggle.

The Race for St. John’s Mayoral Seat gets More Competitive with Entry of New Candidates

The competition for St. John’s mayor seat is getting hotter with Andy Wells already announcing that he is running the win back his seat. He has already acted as the mayor in 1997 for the first time then again got the seat in 2001 and 2005. There is also Danny Breen, councilor for Ward 1 who made his intentions clear about running for Mayor. Recently Renee Sharpe also announced that she will be in the list of candidates for the post of Mayor.

Andy Wells made his announcement over coffee at Tim Hortons at Churchill Square where many friends turned up. Wells even paid for everyone’s coffee and made several promises in front of the media in his announcement speech.

The first thing he wants to do is bring down the levels of the municipal taxes and they have reached sky high levels. He will go for the biggest tax cut in the history of St. John’s and plans to bring down the tax levels to rates of 2015.

Another consideration will be reconsidering the borders of the city in a bid to improve an efficiency of services. Wells also made a controversial promise to freeze the salaries at city hall for four years starting from 2017. But he was quick to take a different position when it was brought up that the unionized workers were on negotiated contracts.

There have been some allegations against Wells for inappropriate conduct while he was the chairman of Public Utilities Board. His corrosive style of leadership was met with a defamation lawsuit in 2004 by Art Puddister and cost him $7,500.

Breen, on the other hand, revealed that the council had already adjusted the taxes in the 2017 budget and he is also unfazed by Well’s announcement of running for mayor. He said that the city has improved on its spending and a “culture of efficiency” is one of his foremost priorities. He also stressed the importance of other issues like governance, dealing with climate change and ways of operation. The coming election is going to be a really important one in Breen’s opinion as St. John’s had only two mayors in the last 2o to 25 years.

Renee Sharpe, businesswoman, community worker, and advocate of women’s self-defense revealed her intentions to run for the mayor speaking in St. John’s Morning Show. She said that she loved when women competed for council seats and want to be the person to bring positive change.

She will promote the equality of men and women workers, increase support for small businesses, and improve the services for Indigenous population and people with mental illness.

It remains to be seen who ultimately gets to be the mayor of St John’s.